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We have been assisting Amazon sellers since the early days of eCommerce. As eCommerce companies continue to grow and retail trends shift, our team is ready and able to provide FBA delivery service regardless of product size or type. We have the team in place to offer seamless delivery of goods from China to any FBA center in the US in a timely and safe manner.

eCommerce logistics can be difficult to navigate. Rest assured that a partnership with us will be defined by the following commitments and values:

Modes of FBA Transportation Available

How It Works

Simplified Logistics for FBA Sellers

From basic freight forwarding to full inspections, we take care of the logistics, so you can focus on what you’re good at: Launching New Products!

Receiving Orders

We have the capacity and manpower to receive shipments as small as a few boxes or as large as 40 foot containers. We help you grow and scale without the need to hire a full warehouse team.


We have inspection services that will meet your every need. From basic exterior carton checks, to detailed piece by piece inspections.

Palletizing & Labeling

Need to make some last minute adjustments before sending your shipment into Amazon FBA? We can assist in palletizing, labeling, photography and more.


We provide 7 days of free storage and can provide additional warehousing as needed at a rate cheaper than Amazon!

Reasonable Delivery

We can help you save costs by transitioning to LTL freight shipments as well as leveraging the fantastic shipping rates at UPS.

Status Updates

We’ll keep you updated with the current state of your shipment. From receipt, to inspection, to shipping, we keep you up to date every step of the way.

FBA Warehouse Information

Click here to download the warehouse information.

Questions about transportation management?
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