Dangerous Cargo Marks

UN ClassDangerous GoodsDivision(s)ClassificationLabel
1Explosives1.1 – 1.6Explosive
2Gases2.1Flammable gas
2.2Non-flammable, non-toxic gas
2.3Toxic gas
3Flammable liquid Flammable liquid
4Flammable solids4.1Flammable solid
4.2Spontaneously combustible substance
4.3Substance which in contact with water emits flammable gas
5Oxidising substances5.1-5.2Oxidising substances
6Toxic substances6.1Toxic substance
6.2Infectious substance
7Radioactive material Radioactive material
8Corrosive substances Corrosive substance
9Miscellaneous dangerous goods Miscellaneous dangerous goods
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